Price List

*Prices are dependent on the size of the painting, the amount of time that was involved in making the painting and any additional fees or commission for shows.

Note Cards

1 card        $5*

10 cards $25*

*Price does not include shipping and handling

Small Prints

12x12 Framed Prints


*Price does not include shipping and handling

Original Paintings

20 x 16", 24x16"                       $300*  24 x 36”                                    $500*  48 x 36”                                 $1000*  

*Prices shown above provide only a sample of painting sizes. 



Dog/Cat portrait (12x12”)        $100  Family memoribilla (still life)      $300      House portrait (24x16”)         $400           

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Interested in a painting but not sure? You can try on a painting for size! See if it improves your space-before purchasing! A deposit is required.